Feb 24, 2011

boro cloth

Everyone in the CWB workshop has inspired me so much with their work that I've dug out my blocks that I did in cloth to cloth workshop last year. I've pieced 4 blocks with a similar color and method, but when the class ended the 4 blocks remained untouched. After seeing everyone putting their work together, I really wanted to put these into a quilt, table top or something.

I just lay the blocks down without stitching together. Hope idea comes to me after a couple of days! Does it do that to you too?

These are the individual blocks. The green and orange pieces are there as fillers. The circles were the cut-outs pieces from the blocks. How do I put these blocks together! 



  1. Hey Nat- it`s Wendy from CWB; thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the bit about Mudlarks. I am so happy to see you have started a boro-cloth blog to showcase your stuff. I`m looking forward to seeing how you work with these beautiful blocks.

  2. you did a great job setting this up, Nat. it's looking good.

  3. looks great nat!

  4. How pretty your blocks are! Do they have a foundation? Backing? There is a way to join quilted sections that I use often that I like - if your pieces are backed already, individually, it might work. I saw a tute recently on a blog of the method - I'll go see if I can find the reference.

    :) Linda

  5. Anonymous10:38

    Here you go, this is the post:

    :) Linda

  6. Hey, this is great. Do you want the people here to post photos of what we're continuing working on
    boro style? Thanks for doing this-I was having a mild depression thinking of the class coming to a close.

  7. looks greatx lynda