Feb 19, 2011

boro purse

Another project I worked on was this long neglected netting bag I started when I was more into basket weaving years ago. The technique is not weaving but it's netting, like fishing net. The first couple of inches on the top was made using cordyline leaf striped thinly and twined into string.

When I finally found it again for the life of me I couldn't face doing that no more. It was a lot of twining! I found a ready made twine to use for the rest of the bag. The original design had changed by this time. I couldn't remember what I was making then, just one of those things you like to learn how to do. I thought I could attach some weaving to the base to give it a boro looks.  I really like it now. It's an original design. It has a long handle to go across my shoulders while I'm traveling. 

My next project is weaving a beast. On my lunch break today I picked up an adorable teddy bear made from hessian sack at my local thrift shop. It's a perfect beast to weave over.


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  1. Just discovered this boro blog. Love this bag. Love boro! :-)