May 18, 2011

NIKE AIR's a pro

Too much time on my hands while waiting to leave for the airport so I thought I would post the moon (NIKE-AIR) jacket I'm working on to take with me that some of you might not have seen yet. I posted it on CWB workshop when it wasn't stitched. Now it has only two more patches to stitch I will be doing that in Japan. Below is a brief history of the jacket....Enjoy

My son found this designer jacket at a thrift shop. Yes my children shop there too! My son is a designer label freak even in the thrift shops. He said "Mom I got you a really good NIKE AIR jacket". It's shower proof and it's my size uh! It's a really good jacket, but I've never once warn it. It has 3 NIKE AIR logos starring at me on the face, but I do need a light weight jacket to take to Japan and this would be perfect for it. As you can see I covered the logos up with some boro cloths. What I have to do now is to stitch them all down. I'm more than happy with the jacket now and will proudly wear it on my trip. Thanks son, you do have good taste!

 I'm off now. Have a great Spring everyone....Nat


  1. モンクレール ベストモンクレール(Moncler)はダウンの王様といえるブランドとして、品質が世界屈指の最高レベルを誇っています。ここでは、機能性とファッション性の両方を併せ持つ人気高いモンクレール ベスト『RABELAIS』をご紹介いたします。今年の秋冬にも人気集中です!

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